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Update on “Stuff Officer Janofski’s Office” project

The Shepherd Police Department Facebook Page shared a report on the items which have been collected for Foster Closet. “We are on the home stretch of this incredible chance to help others,’ the post on the page said. “The hearts of our community is amazing!”

The following is a count of the items collected, as listed in the post:

  • 80 – coloring books
  • 88 – boxes of crayons
  • 4 – boxes of colored pencils
  • 3 – boxes of markers
  • 70 – packages of feminine hygiene products
  • 120 – pairs of socks
  • 34 – brand new shirts
  • 4 – pairs of brand new pajamas
  • 2- HUGE bags of Beanie Babies
  • 10 – pairs of shoes
  • and a lot of other assorted items

According to the SPD, donations for Foster Closet will be accepted until Thursday, November 16.

Source: Shepherd Police Department

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