When I asked my four-year-old son, Elijah, what his favorite part about the Under the Big Top event held inside the CMU Fieldhouse, he said that he liked catching the rubber ducks the most. I also know that he liked the area with the musical instruments, where he was able to play the xylophone and the drums. I personally got a kick out of the table with props where you could take a picture in front of a background.

The event drew a big crowd. We got there early enough to make it into the lobby, but there was still a big group waiting for the doors to open. How many times can a four-year-old ask if it was time to go in yet? Nevermind, I actually lost count.

According to a Morning Sun article, the event attracted nearly 700 people, and I can completely believe that.

Several of the tables featured games, most of which Elijah enjoyed. Face painting has often been a big hit with his older siblings, but he totally didn’t go for it. But, I have to wonder if he misunderstood the concept of face painting. He kept saying that he wanted his face to stay the same color it always has been. I tried to explain, and then a little boy front of us explained, that it was just his cheek that would be painting. But, still a no-go.

I’ve taken our kids to other events at the CMU Fieldhouse, but this was mine and Elijah’s first time attending the Under the Big Top event. We did take him to the Egg Scramble last spring.

Did you attend the event? Share your experiences or favorite photos.