From the Shepherd Police Department:

Thought for the Day…if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Those simple, powerful words….are often totally ignored by so many and it costs them mucho dinero!

Do you really think Meijer is giving $75.00 with the purchase of $100.00??? Does that seem…dare we say, TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Does it seem strange that they want to ask you for information, that most would consider confidential, to get your $75.00? It is a SCAM and you probably won’t realize that you have been taken until you read your next bank statement.

Do you really think that the Internal Revenue Service will call you threatening your arrest for past due taxes…even if you know you don’t owe any past due taxes? Do you think the Internal Revenue Service needs to “contract” with local police departments to arrest said miscreants of justice? Often they want you to “make good” on your over due tax bills buy buying iTunes cards and reading the access code to them…I am being totally serious. While I don’t work for the Internal Revenue Service…I’m pretty sure their policy and procedure manual doesn’t say you can pay with iTunes cards.

If you receive a check in the mail, from a random company and cash the check…because it seems like a good idea, eventually the bank is going to come knocking for their money back. Again…if it seems too good to be true…IT IS!!!

So I guess this Thought for the Day has become a RANT for the Day. Law enforcement doesn’t like people who scam others. Unfortunately it is often tough to find them because they are typically not local. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…always remember that if it is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE — IT PROBABLY IS!!!

Chief Sawyer

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