Since it is cold, wet and dreary outside…let’s lighten things up with another ASK ANYTHING SUNDAY and MONDAY!!! This your chance to ask any law enforcement related question and we will answer it for you or find you the answer. Ready…Set…Go!!!

Chad Douglas Denman When pulled over, car off, hands on the steering wheel, both front windows down, back windows up but tinted… Do I need to roll the back windows down? I know there is no law about the back windows being tinted… But attitude goes a long way with me! Treated with respect and respect absolutely gets returned!

Shepherd Police Department Some officers like the back windows down for safety…but you can wait until asked. Totally agree on the respect.

Chad Douglas Denman That’s what I’m asking… Why should I roll them at all if there’s not going to be a certain amount of respect given when doing all the right things? BTW… Pulled over for windshield tint only!

Shepherd Police Department I get what you’re saying. Respect definitely should go both ways. Window tint is something you can be pulled over for. The law that covers window applications is . The use of tinting is limited to the rear side windows, the rear window if the vehicle has outside mirrors on both sides, and the top 4 inches of the front side windows. There is a limited exception for medical necessity with a doctor’s prescription, which allows for tinting to be applied to the front side windows as well. Michigan does not have a specification for the darkness of the window application, but does prohibit applications with a solar reflectivity greater than 35%.

Chad Douglas Denman Thanks.. I know the tint law .. I was asking about if rolling the back windows down… Plus to add on to what you said about safety part… I also understand… But I do not need to roll them down seeing it’s legal that they are tinted? Yes or no…

Shepherd Police Department I see what you mean. I’m guessing that the officer was not concerned about them being tinted from a legal standpoint, they wanted to see who was in the vehicle. It’s never fun to be talking to a driver and then all of the sudden realize there is someone in the backseat and you have had your back to them the whole time…again, just a guess on my part.

Chad Douglas Denman Copy… Thank you!

Kim Abbe Williams Is carrying a billy club in your vehicle for protection considered a concealed weapon, legal or illegal?

Shepherd Police Department MCL 750.224 says that the possession of a blackjack, slungshot, billy, metallic knuckles, sand club, sand bag, or bludgeon is a 5-year felony.

Jean Jones Shepherd Police Department , how about a baseball bat?

Kim Abbe Williams Well then, I guess that answers my question! Thank you.

Shepherd Police Department Jean Jones if you are carrying it to a ball field for a game or practice no issue, if not it could be classified as a bludgeon.

Tammy Barber What happen to the radar sign? Loved that people are reminded to slow down and can we put one near the school? People drive way to fast through there!

Shepherd Police Department JAYDAR will be back up today…just needed a little recharge!

Cassie Eichorn-Bluhm Just to show the differences in state traffic law, who has the right of way when merging onto an expressway?

Shepherd Police Department The person who is already on the highway has the right of way. The vehicle entering must yield.

Lynette Kortman For Halloween, if someone doesn’t want to participate in trunk or treat, are there some sort of “rules” regarding letting people know you would like trick or treaters at your home?

Mandy Rose Typically the light on your porch. At least that’s how it used to be. Light on means you have candy, light off means do not disturb.

Lynette Kortman That’s what I thought, just trying to verlfy

Shepherd Police Department Exactly Mandy…just keep your porch light off

Miriam Drozd This was brought up in another forum… could the painted rocks be considered as “graffiti”?

Shepherd Police Department Graffiti is painting on public property or a person’s private property without permission. Painted rocks are happening everywhere. I don’t see as being something anyone would get in trouble for. Having said that, we need to make sure we are not taking rocks off of other people’s property to paint without permission.

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