From the Shepherd Police Department:

Tonight was Shop With a Cop at Walmart…and just like last week, it was amazing for the kids and the officers too!

My first shopping partner was Hunter. Lets just say that we bought enough Nerf guns and ammo to last any and all zombie apocalypse’s combined. In case you haven’t checked out the Nerf isle in many years (like me)…they have some awesome stuff! Hunter and I got his presents wrapped, ate some pizza, and drank some pop and I said goodbye to him.

My second shopping partner was Mya. Shopping with her was MUCH different than Hunter. Instead of the Nerf isle…we spent a majority of our time in the My Life isle. If you’re saying “what is My Life” like I was it is the new craze in dolls. They have EVERY outfit and accessory possible. A few time Mya asked me which outfit was prettier or which one I liked better. Even though I was totally out of my element…we had a blast! We got her presents wrapped and I said goodbye to her.

I’m pretty sure I can speak for the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office, Mt Pleasant Police Department, Central Michigan Police Department, Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police Department, the Michigan State Police and of course the Shepherd Police Department that the real gift to us was meeting these incredible kids, seeing them smiling, laughing and just getting to hang out with them for a short time. Times like this are ones we will remember for a lifetime!

Source: Shepherd Police Department

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