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School Security Update Meeting to be held March 13

The Shepherd Public Schools will be hosting a Community School Safety Update Meeting on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 inside the Shepherd High School Auditorium starting at 7 p.m. According to an announcement posted on Facebook, “Shepherd Public Schools and the Shepherd Police Department would like to update the community on school safety. The update will be followed up by a question and answer session.”

Here is also a reminder on the SPS security measures and standard security modes, according to a separate post shared by the Shepherd Elementary School Facebook page:

  • STANDARD SECURITY = Exterior doors are secure, entrances monitored and buzzer system is utilized.
  • ENHANCED SECURITY = extra caution and attention is used prior to allowing individuals to enter building. Administration is communicating with law enforcement.
  • SECURE MODE = All exterior doors and windows locked, outside activities are cancelled. Inside activities continue as usual and perimeter is monitored. Parents are allowed to sign out their child if needed.
  • LOCKDOWN = All exterior and interior doors are locked and students/staff are not allowed to leave classrooms. Students/staff are NOT allowed to leave room/building without law enforcement escort.

What kinds of questions do you have? What topics of concerns do you feel should be covered during the meeting? Post inside the Shepherd Journal question forum.

Source: Shepherd Elementary School


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