Jay Gross reports that Shepherd Alumni Dan Louise has published a new book called “Big Bullies.”

“We have an author! Yesterday my copy of ‘Big Bullies’ arrived by our own Dan Louisell!,” Jay wrote on his Facebook profile. “Yup! The world traveling dueling piano man is also a published author! Takes the cool level to a whole new mark! If you get a chance, please check it out!”

“Big Bullies” is available for purchase on Amazon.com. The book’s plot is described as the following: “Wes and Eugene were picked on as children. A lot. Frustrated that their friend’s child is experiencing similar torment at school, they decide to do something about it. Having never been able to stand up to their peers, can they stand up to a gang of bullies over twenty-years younger than they are? Maybe. Will these two thirty-something deadbeats go too far using questionable methods? Yes. Will it all blow up in their faces? Most likely. Big Bullies is an unrated dark comedy novel that is not for everyone. Or anyone. Big Bullies contains adult content. It is intended for a mature audience who knows how to take a joke.

I’m looking for readers of this book who might be interested in writing a review, or just a few thoughts. Let me know in a comment here if you’re interested, or send an email to editor@shepherdhistory.org.

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