Jay Gross posted a video today which touched on the subject of suicide among teenagers and bullying. It’s a video that everybody needs to watch, no summary would do it justice.

One point that I wanted to highlight that resonated the most with me, is that everybody does have something to offer, and our lives do have a purpose. And, there’s nothing wrong with talking to someone or asking for help when you feel overwhelmed.

Here are some of the reactions to Jay’s video:

Stacey Battenfield:

“Prove them wrong.”

Take the time to watch and listen to Jay B Gross. If you are being bullied then prove them wrong. If you aren’t sure if your child is a bully then ask the teachers. They will tell you if your child is kind or not. They may not be allowed to tell you in blunt terms if your child is tormenting classmates but you will pick up on it IF you are paying attention. Pay attention, don’t be silent. Our kids deserve to go to school and enjoy it, our kids don’t deserve to be bullied and tormented. Our kids don’t have to like everyone, they don’t have to be friends with everyone, but they should be kind to everyone. Step up, parent your kids. Talk to them, make sure they are okay. Better than okay. Speak up, advocate for them. If you lose “friends” because you are afraid of what people will think of you then you are not showing your kids how much they matter to you. Listen to your kids. Pay attention to attitude changes. Think about how hard it was to grow up and be a kid. Before.The. Internet. Think about how much harder it is to be a kid now. Don’t let your kids be a jerk. Don’t let your kids feel worthless. Don’t stop loving your kids, don’t stop being there. Don’t let another parent or teacher feel this kind of pain.

Dyan Seehase:

I had the pleasure to learn from Jay B Gross my senior year. He is one of a kind! His messages, you matter!

Nikkita Marie

Jay B Gross is an amazing man with an amazing message!! He’s right CALL SOMEONE!!! I just wish Mark Fancher, Kris Andrews or Justin Luckhardt would’ve called someone!!!

Laura Schmidt

You matter.

Each of us matter.

I spent much of my life in Shepherd, MI and had the pleasure to know Mr. Jay B Gross. His passion and love shines through to his students and through his community. I’m grateful for him and his heart and for standing up and letting us know that we all matter – we all have a gift.

Thank you, Jay.

Nina Florian

100%!!! Bullying is taking over and suicide is on the rise. Depression is an EVIL thing, and whether or not this video helps anyone, it’s bringing awareness. We need to come together to help STOP this. What an extremely touching video by a great inspiration in my life, Jay B Gross. Together we can make a difference

Josh Schutt

This is my high school football coach, English teacher, and all around great guy. Seeing a man that influenced me brought down like this over an affliction i deal with every day deserves a share. We all have our dark times no matter if it’s others words or the words you tell yourself, it’s true, someone will be there to help you through it. Thanks Jay B Gross things like this mean something

Sarah Lynn Gauthier

This! I can’t begin to explain what Mr. Jay B Gross did for me as a teacher and coach. There is a reason he was and still is one of my favorite teachers then and now. YOU ARE WORTH IT! And I know that I am far from a perfect person and there are times that I am not the best person I could be, but I am worth it. Reach out. Make a call. I’m here if any of my friends ever need someone.

Taylor Marie Neyer

If you get a second, watch this man. Mr. Gross. He was my previous 12th grade High school Teacher. He teaches english and debate class. This man deserves a flipping round of applause. Just watch the video, listen to his words, his opinions, ideas, and thinking. They are so powerful, and will truly touch the hearts of many.

Jay B Gross, most awesome teacher!

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