I am looking for someone who can write a series of articles about Halloween events which will be held around the area. Special focus should be placed on Shepherd events, but for this project it would be okay to cover events taking place in central Michigan.

Some possible topics:

  • Shepherd Trunk and Treat
  • Shepherd Haunted Trail, and other haunted houses, mazes, etc.
  • CRDL Halloween event
  • Pumpkin House
  • Trick or treating times and locations
  • Shepherd Public Schools events (will they have a parade?)

A simple article could be one that just lists Halloween events taking place. Another approach might be to focus on a single event, with details from organizers, etc.

I think that another good general interest story might be on what are the most popular costumes this year. This could be researched via local costume stores or an online poll, and then the article would discuss the responses.

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