How do you carve fifteen hundred pumpkins in one afternoon?

That question is being answered by Kent Roth today as he hosts his annual pumpkin carving event at his house. The pumpkins, all fifteen hundred, were laid out last night in groups of hundred. The process of carving them started this morning in the style of an assembly line. Volunteers opened up the pumpkins, then handed off to others who gutted them, and then they were delivered to other volunteers who carved in the designs. Volunteers with wheelbarrows transferred pumpkins to different stations and, when finished, out to the display which lines the sidewalk in front of Roth’s house.

Pumpkins are being cut open and gutted using power drills. Blender attachments are being used to scrape away the guts.

Pumpkin designs created so far range in creativity.

The effort to carve the pumpkins will continue today.

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