A Morning Sun article published on 12/14 told Chief Sawyer’s story about a near run-in with a car out of control and helped pass along some driving tips.

In the article, Sawyer passed along tips to drivers about driving at safe speed when roads are slick from snow or ice. From the article:

Sawyer said his first accident Wednesday was caused by a driver who admitted he was driving 70 MPH, and was convinced that was safe since the speed limit is 75.

“Should I just go 65?” The driver asked.

“The response I wanted to give was just take a Uber,” Sawyer said. “In the midst of the chaos on 127, 25 MPH was probably too fast.”

Sawyer was assisting vehicles which had slid off of the road while traveling down US-127 as another control lost control. From the article:

With numerous cars in ditches, Sawyer was helping one in the median get a wrecker.

While doing that, he saw another car slide into the ditch and started walking toward it.

“A vehicle behind all of this was going too fast and must have saw all of the brakes too late because they began to slide right toward me,” Sawyer said. “It’s kind of weird but it is like it almost happened in slow motion. I see the car, know it is coming toward me, think which we should I jump, don’t jump into the traffic Luke, semi-dive toward the ditch. The car missed me by a few feet or less.”

Sawyer commented that there were “so many citations that could have been issued for ‘fast for conditions’” but it was approach was just to help the drivers get back on the road.

Source: The Morning Sun, December 14, 2017; Shepherd chief has tips after nearly being hit on road

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